Monday, July 2, 2007

Anybody Hear from the Babe...

I did. About 25 minutes ago, when I heard Michael Kay say that A-Rod had just been examined by Dr. Stuart Hershon, and the diagnosis is a strained left hamstring. It immediately took me back to a post I wrote few months ago, after the Yankees had just gone through what seemed like an endless stretch of one hamstring injury after another. Most notably Phil Hughes who injured his hamstring in the midst of carrying a no-hitter for 6.1 innings. My basic belief was the Babe was pissed because they are tearing down Yankee Stadium, "The House that Ruth Built," and was taking it out on the pitching staff. Here's a taste.

"In an article by Maury Brown on 08/15/2006, one day before breaking ground on the new Yankee Stadium, he writes, "At the Babe's funeral on a hot and sticky August day 58 years ago, former teammate Joe Dugan said, "I'd give a hundred dollars for a cold beer right now." Waite Hoyt responded, "So would the Babe." Somehow, I think that tomorrow will be much the same. When Yankee Stadium comes down it will mark a closing chapter in New York's historic baseball past."-And the Babe will be homeless.

Babe Ruth left this world on August 16, 1948. The ceremonial ground breaking for the new stadium would take place 58 years to the date from when we lost the big guy. The Babe was never one to be shown up, and no doubt he was never less pleased by having the 58th anniversary of his passing overshadowed by a ceremony that would eventually lead to the demise of the beautiful house that he so graciously blessed us with.

Lack of adequate shelter and a distaste for being overshadowed. Enough of a reason to place a curse on the yanks? Did the Babe wake up from his nap he was taking in 2004 ALCS, hear the bad news surrounding the "House that Ruth Built", and reincarnate himself in the hamstrings of the Yankees rotation?"

Anyway, you get the point.

Tonight was a good night for the boys. Clemens certainly brought his A-game, and the Yanks looked like, well, the Yanks! I'll be falling asleep to the encore later, getting my second glimpse of Rockets greatness, and praying Joe Dugan can get the Babe on one of those famous binges, focusing his efforts away from the Yanks.


Mjd723 said...

Its the 4th of July, lets hope the Babe eats more dogs than Kobayashi and drinks more beers than Peen and leaves the Yankees alone!!! Lets go boys, winning time!

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